LinkedIn Business Profile of Dustin Goss

Specialties: Branding,Product Creation, Go To Market Strategies, Sales Channel Strategy, Production, Relationship/Network Building, Executive business consulting. 

University of Washington School of Business || Alumni Board

Dustin maintained continuous Deans List grade achievements at UWB and graduated in 2002 with Magna Cum Laude honors with a BA in Business Administration, with a focus on Operations Management.

Board of Director || Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, WA

In 2020, Dustin was elected to a 3 year term as a member of the Board of Directors for the City of Edmonds Chamber of Commerce. 

Founder & President || Makota Co.

The Pacific Northwest is home for the Makota Co. We are based just 11 miles north of Seattle, WA in the small Puget Sound city of Edmonds. With tranquil water and mountain views in our daily scope, we are constantly inspired to live, play and work outdoors.

Co-Founder & Former President || mywoodwall Inc.

mywoodwall™ constantly strives for excellence in manufacturing, both through the work of our skilled craftsmen and by utilizing the latest machine technologies. Our accomplished team works on innovative concepts that can follow either modern trends or timeless designs.

Founder & Former President || POW Gloves

POW Gloves was first dreamt about in 1997 on a road trip to a ski resort in Washington State. Cold, wet hands can ruin a great day of riding on the hill – this is common where we live in the Pacific Northwest and it’s why we decided to get in to the handwear business in the first place. 

Co-Founder & Creator || BUCK Academy

BUCK Academy offers books and lessons written and illustrated by entrepreneurial husband and wife team Dustin and Febyolla Goss. BUCK, a friendly personification of a dollar, breaks money down to the basics with the goal of creating a new society of young savers and investors. 

Wake Up Warrior Brotherhood

Wake Up Warrior Brotherhood

Elite Brotherhood of Wake Up Warrior by Garrett J. White. The Warrior way is shaping a man to become a better Father & Husband, and a Powerful Businessman Driven by Profits & Purpose.

ESPN || Won Gore-Tex Deal || Dustin Goss

In 2010, more than just one company’s success story, the POW partnership allows a peek inside one of the most exclusive operations in the sports world. Gore is not just a $2.9 billion business with 9,300 associates in 30 countries, producing more than 1,000 products ranging from astronaut-suit fiber to implantable medical devices to snowsports outerwear.