Live Life By Design

Do you have a map, set goals or targets to achieve in 5, 10, 25 years from now? 

For some we have an idea of where we want to be. 

But for most have you really “designed” your life plan?

Our creator will lead your path.  

So give to HIM and be given all you seek.  

But that does not mean you don’t chose next steps and take action.  

It means you follow your map and chase results.  

I ask you again, “Do you have a life map?” A specific goal or target you are working towards? 

No one will give you sh!t in this life.  So you must earn it and do the work.

Most of my life I just lived and worked and it has basically hit me as a default life lived.  

Not a life lived with intention.


What do you mean I lived my life in DEFAULT?

Life just happened.  

I accomplished short term goals like finishing my university degree. 

Buying a house. 

Getting married, having kids.  

But those are paths that are common.  

When I say live life by design, I mean don’t graduate college at 26 because you fought tooth and nail for it.  I mean be intentional and design that you will finish college by age 22 and aim towards a career or life you intend to lead and live. 

Nothing will ever be as you plan.  But it can be close or changes cause that is what was intended for you in this life.  

But if we live with intention and by DESIGN, we live better versions of our lives.

Healthier, Wealthier, Happier, and Fulfilled.


Is life all about money? NOPE.  

Is life all about working 40-60 hrs a week for the man? NOPE.  

So plan your path to own your own time.  


Make the MAP.

Again any plan nearly as soon as it is finished is out of date.  

So we have to be cognitive of our inevitable change.  

Know that change is good!  

But know that living by design will be greater than good.


Have you heard the all too famous quote, “No plan, is a plan to FAIL.” 

How simple is that? Well it is true.  Sometimes you can just wing it and stuff happens better than expected or desired.  

That is sheer dumb luck or Gods intervention with guidance you were given.

In most cases a plan will serve you better and give you a life more well lived.

For most who read this it’s…..

                                                  a little too late to live by design. 

                     But is it?

                                           Or is it too early to live by design?

Its never really ever to early or too late.  


At 44 years young I only started living by design 2.5 years ago. That put me at age 42ish, my wife and I were about to have our second child. 

I knew i needed something different in my life. 

A new way to live it and protect it.  

Since then, my frame and perspective has expanded so vast that I can barely recognize who I was or the life I was living before i began to live by design.

This “Life by Design” concept for some is second nature.  Because you’re either naturally smart or had some great mentors and life coaches to help you understand how to create a map and set a path for your life.

However, for many life will never be by design cause no one teaches this to you!

As a parent I have made it my mission to teach my children to respect God, and take the good will of our lives and design it so we can prosper in the beautiful natures of this world and culture of Earth.

Take the time to MAP out your life.  

Take the time to own your own time!

No matter where you are in life it’s never too late to make a PLAN to WIN and live by design.

Start by designing your next years goals.  

Then take the time to make quarterly goals as you work to achieve those annual goals.  

Think in terms of areas of your life.  I use the Warriors Way and map my goals to:

  • BODY (your temple of you)
  • BEING (your mental of you and your relation with HIM)
  • BALANCE (your spouse and children)
  • BUSINESS (well your f*ck!n business)

Just most importantly remember, “No Plan, is a Plan to FAIL”.

Now get after it……….