Paid in Birthday Cake

So, it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to. Cry if I want to…..

But I also get the first piece of cake because it’s my birthday and not yours.

So what is different about getting paid first in your business?

If you created your entrepreneurial enterprise from scratch you deserve to be commended.

And you also deserve to get paid!

Not last but first.

Have you heard “real” leaders eat last? Great book, great author. But I have some reservations of the meaning….

First off, those that don’t eat. Don’t survive. That is why 9 out of 10 businesses go out of business before they reach 2 years old.

The “leader” did not eat AT ALL and therefore cannot provide or support any of its employee’s any longer.

So, now that you ate last, you’re the one with debt and a failed business.

Instead of thinking you need to give to all those around you, why don’t you feed your family first. Then your power will be lifted to allow you to give to all the families around you as “YOU” are taken care of. A KING(leader) eats first and a ‘great or real’ king has a vibrant kingdom with well fed citizens (employees).


Well simply said, but hard to do. No, not really. Just eat first. Then your kingdom will be well fed and nurtured for a long time to come.

So can you have your cake and eat it to!