Scared To Succeed

Prepare, Commit, Belong…….

This motto is one from a dear friend and mentor of mine who brings the riches of knowing thyselves.  

When you try to succeed at something and actualize the vision, things will change. 

Things will be different.  

You will be in a land of unmapped terrain. 

Does the sound of success make you uneasy? The reality of change. The lack of normalcy.


I was put to a test to learn something about myself.  

NOW, Get in plank position.  

Yes, you.  NOW! 

OK well read a little more until you get to the 3,2,1 count down. Then just be in plank position for as long as you can with a timer on.

Now stay there as long as you can.  

Go ahead do it, NOW.  

Don’t read on, just do it now.  

I’ll ask you a question in the bottom of this blog.  

Time yourself!!

Just do it, like now, get in plank position and hold it as long as you can with the timer on. 

Don’t think about it. 

Just do it.  

Man or Woman.  Just get in plank position and hold it…….

I held on for 3 min and 51 sec.  I thought for sure I could make 4 min as It approached.  

But my arms started to shake and I knew I was about to fall on my face and add another bend to my already crooked nose. 

(PS. Off topic fact — I got that crooked nose and deviated septum fixed about 5 months after I did this exercise as another challenge to myself, that change has changed my life and sleep health completely).

I quickly stood up as soon as I could from my extensive plank hold.  3 min 51 sec is no joke – I don’t care if you can only hold for 36 sec, just get in plank position and try this.

OK ready to do this? Only read on after you try to hold PLANK position.





Now I want you to get in plank position again and beat your time by just 1 second.  

Can you do it again right now?

I repeat can you beat your time you just made RIGHT NOW!

If not then why?

That why is your answer to why you stop, why you quit doing what you’re doing.

So what is your answer? ______________

My answer was NO, I cannot beat my time right now!  

Why? Because I went to extreme burn out.  

I could not hold myself up for 3 min 52 seconds right now, no way.  

My arms were rubber and roached. 

I was exhausted to just get in plank position and beat it right now.

But the realization of why I quit and stop is that, I WORK TO BURN OUT!  

I realized in that moment that my issue was that I go go go and just burn myself out and then lose momentum on whatever business or project I am involved in.  

I can honestly tell you I have not burned myself out since that sunny day in Sept 2019.  

Why not?  

Because I am now aware of that tendency to work to burn out mode.

Now from here I then realized another FUCKED trait I poses. 

I have a mental deficiency and let pride and my ego get in the way and have caught myself “BUILDING TO BURN”.  

What does that mean?  

I will build a business and then as others get involved if I don’t like the situation or direction ill just dump gas on it and torch the project.  

Was the purpose to build it to just burn it? No it was to SUCCEED. But I, “Built to burn”.  

What a waste of productive time. LIKE MANY YEARS OF PRODUCTIVE TIME.  What a waste of potential success.  What a trashy position to live in…..

Is this me? 

Did I build to burn? 

I mean really am I that scared of success? Or sharing success, that I need to build it, just to then burn it.  

Is that why I start? Is that how I want to live?  

The EGO is the ENEMY.  

The IDLE is the ENEMY.  

So I give you this, Just get past your weaknesses in your enemy and move towards success. 

I promise you this, the change will suit you and you will learn to adore the change. Learn to embrace the change.

The simple facts of self-sabotage exist in most.  

Some inherently build to self-destruct.  

Self-sabotage is not always easy to see.  

Several books have been written on this topic to help us understand this simple fact that we as HUMANS hold on to this undesirable trait of Self-Sabotage.  

The scary part is when you’re NOT aware that self-sabotage is happening.

We have to recognize the tendencies as they are happening in order to crush the enemy of the EGO. 

Chin up and focus!

Get the job done no matter what it takes.  

Progression is never simple and CHANGE is inevitable once you achieve success.

Is it change that drives a fear of success?


That is a hard question to DIG DEEP in on and answer with TRUTH.  


Prepare, Commit, Belong…..